27 March 2008

Opportunity to Benefit from Bilingual Chinese Interns This Summer.

The Chinese students studying in the UK could be a valuable resource for UK Plcs who has or is interested in having business connections with China.

“Those students, as you would expect, will be fluent in Chinese. They will also have an appreciation of the cultural nuances so feared by many UK companies,” says Ting from China Business Solutions, adding: “Another benefit is that before they come to the UK, many will have had a university education and work experience in China, with some personal network in China through family and friends.”

Your new Chinese intern will be able to offer reassuring advice on the cultural pitfalls that can unseat the unwary, like the protocols of phone contacts or the best ways of chasing up late deliveries. It goes without saying that intern with technical background can do a better job explaining complicated technical details to your Chinese partners.

They will be invaluable when your Chinese counterparts visit you. They could well help with the corporate entertaining side of your guest’s visit. “Your Chinese business partners are always happy to see a Chinese face in a unfamiliar environment,” comments Ting.

How can you tap into the talent pool of Chinese interns?

By teaming up with a top university  in the UK, we are able to offer rare opportunities to recruit Chinese interns at no cost in the initial trial period. The programme is covered by the university at this stage, so no payment is required from the employer?s side unless they are willing to contribute towards reasonable food and accommodation cost.  The interns can work for your company for a period of 3-6 months, as mutually agreed between you and the intern . As Chinese students are eligible to take up internship opportunities in the UK without any restrictions, there will be no need for you to worry about visa issues. In addition, we will make sure everything goes smoothly for you from interview to final placement.

The number of interns is limited, so please hurry up to avoid disappointment. The interns would be available from the beginning of June. If you want to secure top candidates, please act now by contacting our recruitment team on xin@chinabusinesssolutions.com or 01223 421966.