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China Business Opportunities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

China has emerged as a genuine world player in global M&A markets in the past five years. However, despite the general improvement in the economic and political environment, conducting M&A deals with the Chinese still poses a number of challenges, even for those experienced executives in overseas acquisitions.


China Investments

Chinese companies are looking to invest outside of China. This is as part of their internationalisation strategy. The opportunities to gain access to China through having a Chinese investor or partner is an ideal approach to get your innovative and quality products into Chinese market.


Tech Licensing

You often hear Western executives emphasising the importance of having a resourceful and cooperative Chinese partner. In order to avoid the pitfalls, you need to get best advice. Designed to help you find the most suitable partner in China, be it distributor, agent or supplier, our partner selection programme follows a systematic approach.


China Business Solutions is the UK’s leading independent specialist advisory firm on doing business in China.

With over a decade of successfully helping Western organisations achieve their goals for China to build a profitable relationship with Chinese businesses, we now also support Chinese business coming to the West. We offer a range of high value services reflecting the growing requirements of both Western companies engaging with China and for Chinese companies seeking entry and support into the West.

We provide our clients with the strategic tools that help them achieve their business goals in China. Our support to you echoes the growing demands in Business Opportunities with Investments from China, to our continued Advisory & Support services, and the all important Knowledge & Insight about China, where hands on practical support will help you succeed there.

Following the high level visit to China at the end of last year from the Prime Minister to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Mayor of London, Ting Zhang, founder of China Business Solutions, recently talked to BBC Global Business News on the changing landscape of Chinese outbound investment. Click here to explore the current China business opportunities.