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30 March 2008

China Business Expert Urges Rethink on Skilled Worker Policy.

Speaking in a recent BBC World Service discussion with business people including fellow Cambridge-based business guru Dr Peter Hewkin, China Business expert and CEO of China Business Solutions Ting Zhang expressed concern that newly introduced rules on control of migrant …

27 March 2008

Opportunity to Benefit from Bilingual Chinese Interns This Summer.

The Chinese students studying in the UK could be a valuable resource for UK Plcs who has or is interested in having business connections with China. “Those students, as you would expect, will be fluent in Chinese. They will also …

26 March 2008

China Business Solutions Expands Services in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

China Business Solutions announces its services are expanding into the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets. Due to increasing demands on consulting, market research, sourcing and recruitment services between Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China Business Solutions has contracted a …