26 March 2008

China Business Solutions Expands Services in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

China Business Solutions announces its services are expanding into the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets.

Due to increasing demands on consulting, market research, sourcing and recruitment services between Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, China Business Solutions has contracted a number of new strategic partners in these business territories.

As of now, China Business Solutions provides services to companies in the ICT, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, mainly focusing on M&A, market research, strategic procurement, sourcing and supplier management.

Ting Zhang, CEO of China Business Solutions says:

“Apart from consulting and research services, and at all times providing good quality services, we have strategically allied with a number of key search-and-select firms based in Taiwan and Hong Kong.”

“Our clients look for the one-stop service we offer, and we understand their products and issues. Certainly, finding the right business partner to expand business is always crucial for success in the Greater China market.”

Ting Zhang adds: “Mainland China and Taiwan have always had a very close economic relationship. Of course, Taiwan is the world leader in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, and we have many clients working with Taiwan’s fabs and foundries.”

“As to Hong Kong, many international companies establish sourcing offices here because it is easy to reach the vast source of suppliers in the Southern China from Hong Kong.”

Taiwan is acknowledged as one of Mainland China’s most important trading partners. According to a recent Financial Times report, Taiwanese companies are the largest source of FDI in China; it estimates the value at more than US$ 150 billion (£74billion).

China Business Solutions’ senior consultant, Louise An, who is from Taiwan, points out: “There are many international technology companies doing business in Taiwan. Taiwanese companies will often source components in Hong Kong, then manufacture clients’ products at their plants in China.”
“Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong’s triangular relationship leads us to expand services to these markets.”

Louise An emphasises: “Timing is very important. Currently, Taiwan’s new political and economic position is much more optimistic after the recent election.”

“Now is the right time to expand business. ” says Louise An.

Xin Xia, business support manager of China Business Solutions further comments, “To search and select bilingual senior managers is essential for our clients to sustain their business success in Greater China.”

“Our partners have good reputations, and fully understand local regulations, market trends and the HR management systems that enable us to provide a solid and value-added service to our clients.”

“To provide sustainable solutions to our clients is China Business Solutions’ core value.” Xin Xia adds. Xin runs the company’s Chinese Talent Services.

If you would like to understand how to work with China Business Solutions to develop business in Greater China, please call our service line: 01223-421968. You can also email us at: info@chinabusinesssolutions.com. Our marketing and client service team will be happy to help you.