With 600 million internet users and 1.2 billion mobile phones there is still room for growth in China.

The ICT sector has grown rapidly in China, driven by the large and growing number of internet and mobile phone users. The nearly 600 million internet users and the 1.2 billion mobile phone there is still room for growth. The ICT industry in China is a dynamic and complex industry covering a broad range of products and services including;

  • telecommunications – equipment
  • hardware  – network equipment, storage devices, consumer electronics
  • software – system integration, design & development, products and embedded software
  • IT services sectors – network, maintenance, eduction

The opportunities for SMEs in this sector will fall within areas where they can leverage their quality and innovation strengths. SMEs will find opportunities in high-value niche areas where specialisation in certain technologies or know-how will provide them with a strong competitive advantage.

At China Business Solutions we have worked with many ICT SME companies as well as advising Government agencies and larger telecom companies. We have direct high level executive contact with leading ICT players such as ZTE and Huawei and Chinese telecom companies who are looking to invest outside China.

If you have technology or products for this market and interested in securing investment from China, come and talk to us now – click here for more information. We currently have several opportunities of investment from China.

China Business Solutions is the founding member of Cambridge Wireless Special Interest Group.