The Chinese gaming market has grown from a $10million turnover in 2011 to more than $9 billion by the end of 2012. In 2013, it is estimated this will be just under $12 billion turnover.

The growth of Chinese gaming continues at pace with China selling 350millon smart phones in 2013 and reported to have over 170 million mobile game users. The appetite for new games continues and China is reaching out to sustain this insatiable demand.

At China Business Solutions we are in regular contact with some of China’s leading Games Publishers and Distributors such as Tencent and Reekoo and many other players. We have already successfully helped a British company gain a multimillion dollar licensing deal for their game into China.

The opportunities to tap into this market is here and now and understanding how to navigate your way through approvals, localization, registration and gaming legislation are absolutely crucial. We can help with the deal structure making sure you have the best deal.  Importantly, we have good idea what the Chinese Gaming publishers and distributors are looking for as well as  insight into what the Chinese player preferences are and their habits.

Entering and understanding the Chinese Gaming Market, be it online, mobile or console games requires the right preparation and advice. We can help you to be successful in China. Click here to talk to us now if you have a game you would like to see being played in China.