China is the second largest agriculture market in the world and already a very sophisticated and significant market and is expected to get bigger.

It consumes one-third of the world’s rice, one-fourth of all corn, and one-half of all pork and cotton, and it is the largest consumer of oilseeds and most edible oils. The traditional Chinese diet centres around staple foods mainly grains and starches. However, food consumption patterns are changing with the Chinese increasing the portion of nonstaple food items, such as fruits, meat, and dairy products.

Chinese food consumption is influenced by factors such as population size and demographics, income, food prices, and general preferences but more and more the food quality and safety are important factors affecting Chinese food preferences. Safety concerns can determine where certain foods are bought. Chinese consumers often look to prices as a proxy for food quality and safety, with low prices signifying poor quality.

The demand for food quality and safety, improved efficienices and yield presents opportunities for companies across the agriculture sector. If you have technology or products that can help address any of these aspects, Chinese companies are looking to work with you, either through investment or collaboration to support the Chinese agriculture sector.

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