As the leading independent specialist advisory firm on the Chinese market, we are regularly invited by the media to comment on events in China, from outbound investment to understanding how to deal with human resources.

Listen below to the useful tips given in a recent BBC World Service interview by Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of China Business Solutions, about the main issues of doing business in China:

China Business Solutions mainly helps small and medium sized enterprises?


What is the first thing to say to a company who wants to get into China? 


What is the typical experience for a business going into China? 


What sells and what doesn’t sell in China?


How do things work when it comes to contracts? When you sign a contract in China, can you be sure that that is the way things will be? 


A big issue when doing business in China is intellectual property. Chinese companies have long be regarded as copycats when it comes to innovation and intellectual property, is that changing? 


Why it is best for companies to hold something back when it comes to copyright?


What kind of advice would you give when dealing with the risk of corruption?


What would China Business Solutions do when two companies, one from the UK and one from China, happen to fight due to cultural misunderstandings? Since you could not be closer to the positions of either of them, how would you explain their differences without upsetting the companies?





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