China Investments.

Chinese companies are looking to invest outside of China.

As China’s economy has grown in the last decade, one of the key drivers for the continued economic growth in China is internationalisation. Encouraged by the Chinese Government there are three key criteria for Chinese companies wanting to invest overseas;

1. Innovation and quality products

2. Provide a route for Western goods to access the massive Chinese market

3. Gain experience in management skills

We have a number of Chinese investors actively looking for outbound investment, from corporate investors, to private equity to venture capital. We can advise you if your offering is attractive to the Chinese and give you guidance into what they are looking for.

Areas of particular interest for the Chinese to invest in is aligned to the current 12th Five Year Plan, so sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, agriculture and clean energy.

Below are active opportunities for investment from China, please submit your email address to download.

[download file=”” title=”Agriculture (No.1213) – Chinese conglomerate seeks acquisition of agriculture related technologies”]

[download file=”” title=”Telecomm (No.1013) – Chinese telecom manufacturer with significant funds seeking acquisition of telecom devices”]

[download file=”” title=”Fund and Gov Incentives (No.1113) – Regional Government funding available for high tech SME”]