Bilingual Temping Service.

A lot of business today is faced with bilingual staffing needs. BilingualTemping cuts the costs of sourcing, hiring, managing and payrolling your English Chinese speaking temporary workers.

BilingualTemping Enables your business to have access to qualified bilingual talents easily and quickly to carry out China-related projects or just to test water to see the feasibility of your next China endeavour, regardless of the sector you are in. Even better, you don’t need to deal with the complexity of HR issues and payrolls, because we will take care of it for you.

Our temp service is personal, flexible and cost effective. Hear what our clients say:

‘I was introduced to China Business Solutions when we needed assistance with our Chinese contextual categorizer project. I needed to find somebody local who was a native Chinese speaker with good English and computer skills to carry out a rapid assessment of our system’s performance. China Business Solutions, through their convenient temping service, found and introduced an ideally qualified lady. She was available immediately to work flexible hours as required at our offices and worked effectively to identify and explain issues caused by modern Chinese usage on the web to our technical team. We are very happy with China Business Solutions’ temping service and would recommend it to others.’
-Operations Director, Grapeshot Ltd

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