Market Research.

Understanding the market landscape in China for your business is vital to preparing to go and engage with Chinese business and key to achieving success.

At China Business Solutions, we have a track record in providing our clients with accurate and reliable first-hand market information on:

  • Market Size
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Customers Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Regulatory Reforms
  • Brand Survey
  • Products/Services Analysis
  • In-depth Competitors Benchmarking

Our market research program operates in three phases, after the project initiation and planning with the client:

Phase One: Desktop Research
Phase Two: Field Study in China and Interviews
Phase Three: Analysis, Recommendations and Report

A key strength of our market research is that we have the expertise and experience to conduct studies in the technology sectors being able to explore technical issues deeply unearthing elements which may be missed if the study is not done thoroughly. Clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary research team’s technology expertise, our contacts and insight with numerous Chinese academia and key opinion leaders. Our industry focuses are gaming, wireless/telecom, IT/electronics, pharma/medical device/healthcare, energy, engineering, education and in brand retail.

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 “China Business Solutions is producing good quality work, is efficient in locating relevant contacts for market study and research, and is effective in their design and analyses of research. I would recommend their services of market research, surveys and consultations to companies.”

International Trade Director, East Midlands UKTI.