Due Diligence.

As the economic recovery commences and M&A activity increases both to and from China, the need for independent insight is important to understand and manage the risk. The focus, for example, on operational matters, technical capability, commercial strategy and environmental & sustainability as a sources of value in transactions be it to invest or collaborate with a Chinese company has never been more prevalent. Given the complexity of dealing with Chinese businesses, investors should seek an independent understanding prior to committing their own resource. An independent due diligence report and assessment is essential.

What do we do

Our team at China Business Solutions combines extensive operational insight of business practices, procedures and processes in China as well as technical experience across a number of sectors. We bring together both experienced managers based in UK and in China to work closely with you. We have conducted independent due diligence reports for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance and Hedge Funds. Our expert guidance can be tailored to suit your needs and individual circumstances. Read one of our case study below where we have assisted a Hedge Fund in understanding the risk of investing into China.

If you require an independent assessment of a business in China, CALL US on +44 (0) 1223 421968 or CLICK here to learn more about this service.



Listen below to the useful tip given in a recent BBC World Service interview by Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of China Business Solutions, about one of the main issues of doing business in China:

What kind of advice would you give when dealing with the risk of corruption?