China Entry Strategy.

China’s sheer size of market, post-planned economic system and unique business culture deserves a carefully developed strategy. This can save companies from wasting time and money on wrong investments and wrong approach.

An effective market entry strategy ensures optimal use of corporate resources. We draw upon our joint expertise in business development in both UK and China to help you examine the critical elements:

  • Rationale for entry: access to market, low labour manufacturing base, supply chain management and more.
  • Routes-to-market: distribution channels, and form of presences in China.
  • Location: where to start in China?
  • Structure: If setting up in China, what is the most suitable structure or entity?
  • Investment: How about minimum investment required, tax and HR implications?
  • Risks: how do you safeguard your valuable assets and mitigate you of IPR risks?
  • Implementation: resources, milestones needed to achieve your goals? Where can you find the right staff for your China office?

A well-planned market research provides valuable information and helps to support the development of a sound market entry strategy. Our aim is to help you plan for success in China.

For your China Entry Strategy, we are here for you step by step, whether you have already some plan to enter China, or yet to even think about it but know you have to go there to explore the market potential. Call us at +44 (0)1223 421968 or click her to learn more about this service.

“In our start-up business plan, knowing that China was the best place for us to manufacture our goods, China itself was the biggest question mark. Where? How? Who? China Business Solutions provided us with the answers we needed. Only when we took China Business Solutions on board we felt that our project was actually taking off.”

CEO, Eliaga S.r.l.

Listen below to the useful tip given in a recent BBC World Service interview by Ting Zhang:

What is the typical experience for a business going into China?