China Cultural Workshop.

Our China Cultural Workshop is different to many seminars as it is drive by both our case studies and your questions.

When you start doing business in China or even before, there are many cultural nuances about the Chinese that you should know before taking that first meeting. Our Executive Training and workshops are specifically designed to be highly interactive and diagnostic in its format. The training and workshops looks at a particular issue from a real-world perspective. Doing business in China can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and there is a lot more to doing business with China than simply finding a partner, striking terms and exchanging contracts.

Understanding the business rules of engagement, cultural differences and sensibilities and even superstitions can make or break a business relationship. Drawing on the extensive experience of our course leaders, who have spent many years living, working and trading with China and as well as understanding the operations of Western businesses. Key areas typically covered are:

  • How to communicate with the Chinese
  • Getting the best from China business trips
  • Dealing with sensitive business situations
  • When to choose a WFOE over an RO in China
  • What measures to take to protect your IPR
  • Hiring, managing and motivating local staff

For each Executive Training and Workshop we will discuss with you your requirements and tailor the session to address the needs of your Executives as they venture to China. To book an Executive Training session, call us at +44 (0)1223 421968 or click here to learn more.


I had excellent feed-back from the briefing session – people found it both useful and enjoyable

Most helpful part for me was getting inside how Chinese people think and therefore act.

Very Helpful in our understanding about Chinese culture.