China Advisory & Support.

To succeed in China you will require the highest quality advisory and support from reliable and proven practitioners.

For the past decade we have been offering our clients a range of high value services – strategic tools that help to manage risks and achieve even greater success. Our services are achieved through the wealth of experience in a number of key market sectors with proven experience in delivering to our clients insight and value to secure success working with the Chinese.

As the opportunities to engage with Chinese business’ continue and we know sometimes, not one solution will fit. We are therefore committed to the needs of our clients and will happily tailor a specific service to match a particular requirement. For example, being accurately informed about the Chinese market is essential, and a well-planned market research provides valuable information and helps to support the development of a sound market entry strategy. We can further support you with commercial and technical due diligence as you take the next steps into China.

Our help with the clients do not just stay at strategic level, but we also provide support to practical aspects of doing business in China such as recruiting Chinese staff, translations and arranging business visits to China. Our China cultural workshop aims to prepare you for a successful experience in China by help you understand the Chinese culture and different ways of doing business in the country.

Read our Case Studies from our clients and see how we have helped them achieve their goals in China.

At China Business Solutions, our aim is to help you plan for success in China through providing you with all necessary knowledge and tools followed up with ongoing assistance. To discuss your specific needs and find out how we can help you click here.





Hear what our clients say about us:

“We wanted to set up a sales support office in China to support our increasing number of distributors there.  It was clear we needed more local knowledge and a contact recommended CBS to us.  They helped us choose a location, find a number of good potential employees, and plan a trip to maximise the use of our time in China.  They also helped us to navigate the legalities of setting up a business in China and gave great practical advice.  Our project ran smoothly and to budget, and CBS remained friendly and helpful at all times.  I would recommend them strongly to anyone wanting help with business in China.” Finance and Manufacturing Director, Grant Instruments