Case Studies.

In over 10 years, we have helped many companies, SME, large corporations and Government bodies in UK, across Europe and in North America in various sectors, to successfully do business in the Chinese market. The followings are an example of the companies and businesses who we have supported and assisted in their China endeavour.

Playing Games with the Dragon.Eutechnyx is the company behind the first officially licensed racing game in China. Darren Jobling, CEO of Eutechnyx Limited, recalled how they get there by playing games with the dragon. As the world’s leading independent driving and racing game developer …
KVM Solution Provider.When the client, a keyboard, visual display and mouse (KVM) solution provider, approached China Business Solutions (CBS) again, about two years after CBS advised and assisted with their market entry into China, they came with good news and a problem to be resolved.
Grant Instruments.Grant Instruments (Grant) is a leader in the manufacture and design of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis. But that doesn't automatically give it success in China.
Timely Intervention.Seeing an opportunity in a new market is one thing; seizing it, particularly when there's little knowledge available, is quite another. When Cambridge Broadband needed information quickly on a potential new Chinese distributor, China Business Solutions supplied all the answers.
Well Prepared Market Intelligence Make Your Journey Worthwhile.We are repeatedly being told that British companies should be active in China, looking for partners and customers and seizing the huge opportunities on offer.  But China is an enormous country with many regional differences, cultural sensitivities and a bureaucracy that, even being kind, is nothing less than cumbersome.
Translation is a Matter of Interpretation.When Antonov wanted to move into the Chinese market, their interpretation needs went far beyond simple translation, as Chief Executive John Moore explains.
China Business Solutions Help Al Karim to Tuk in.With a background that includes working for respected names such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, Al Karim is no stranger to the world of finance and business. When he wanted some advice on the world of Chinese companies, however, Al Karim called on another respected name, China Business Solutions, to help him out.
Chinese Expansion Brings Cultural Understanding to TTPCom.TTPCom is a Cambridgeshire based supplier of wireless intellectual property (IP) to semiconductor and handset manufacturers. As the mobile phone business in China grew, so did enquiries from China.

Case Studies


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