10 October 2016

Chinese entrepreneurs still keen on UK despite Brexit.

On last month’s G20 Summit, Theresa May, the Prime Minister promised the ‘Golden Era of relations between Britain and China will continue and deepen. There might be challenges for Anglo-China bilateral business and trade post- Brexit, but equally new opportunities are abundant. Chinese investors’ interest in the UK is still high, which is testified by last week’s visit to Cambridge and London by a group of 20 finance and economics delegates from Shanghai.

The group of 20 senior business executives and entrepreneurs, already highly experienced in  banking, real estate, technology to pharma, engineering, and manufacturing came to UK for a two-week study tour as part of their final year eMBA programme. Led by Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO, China Business Solutions laid out a tailored programme for the group, starting with visits to UK’s pharma giant AstraZeneca Cambridge headquarter and UK offices of the most successful Chinese company in internationalisation, Huawei. At both companies, the delegates were engaged in thought-provoking discussions on topics from how to keep on top of innovation to managing different corporate cultures in overseas subsidiaries and post M&A integration.

The group then continued their UK tour in London with a focus on UK-China relationship in politics and commerce. China Business Solutions brought influential politicians and speakers to brief them about UK political system & democracy, the status of Chinese participation in UK politics and UK-China relation. To help the Chinese delegates have a real feel about the City of London and its important role in the world’s financial markets,  Ting took the group to visit a top Investment Management firm for insider’s insight,  and then at the London Stock Exchange, the group experienced first-hand how the stock market operates in real time.

The highlight for the Chinese delegates was a networking event at IoD, with an engaging speech from Commercial Minister Counsellor Jin Xu from the Chinese Embassy in London. Minister Counsellor Jin shared his insight into the continued friendly relationship in business between China and Britain touching on Hinkley Point Power Station and large real estate projects in London. He warmly welcomed Chinese enterprises to invest into UK and make contribution to bilateral political, economic and cultural exchange.  Guests from the British side included senior representatives from banking, investment, IT, media, retail, and education.

“It was a great pleasure to host such an inquisitive Chinese delegation and facilitate possible collaboration between UK and China”, commented Ting Zhang. “We just heard from AstraZeneca that links are already being made from the visit! We expect the connected made during this visit will bear fruit soon.”

The Chinese group flew back feeling buoyant about doing business in the UK.

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