8 September 2015

China Business Solutions host leading Finance & Economics University from Shanghai: forging UK-China Cultural Understanding and Business Relationships.

P1080851Last month, while George Osborne was on the road in China drumming up trade and saying, “we should run towards China and become their best partner in the West”, here, China Business Solutions was doing just that by hosting a delegation of eMBA students from SHUFE – the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Based in Shanghai, SHUFE is a top ranked research university specialising in economics, finance and business studies, and the oldest financial university in China. The group of 30 executive MBA students, already experienced in business from banking, real estate, construction to pharma, engineering, food and manufacturing came to UK for a two-week study as part of their final year eMBA programme.

China Business Solutions laid out a tailored programme for the SHUFE group, starting with an intensive course of lectures on international business and entrepreneurship from leading Cambridge academics and entrepreneurs. The students consolidated their new knowledge in practice with visits to multi-national tech giants Huawei and ARM. At both companies, students were given interesting presentations about international operations and engaged in thought-provoking Q&A sessions touching on important topics from intellectual property and state influence in business to managing different corporate cultures in overseas subsidiaries and post M&A integration.

Following the action-packed days in Cambridge, the students transferred to London to continue their study tour with further UK-China relationship building activities. The students enjoyed insider’s insight into top UK institutions with a visit to the London Stock Exchange and a private tour of the BBC. They witnessed UK democracy in action with a guided tour of parliament followed by an insightful Q&A session on UK political system and the status of Chinese participation in UK politics.

The study tour was rounded off with a VIP event in Mayfair, with an engaging speech from Lord Wei of Shoreditch and Commercial Minister Counsellor Jin Xu from the Chinese Embassy in London. Lord Wei offered advice on overcoming cultural differences in business and extended his warm welcome to any students who wished to do business in the UK, encouraging them to adopt an international outlook. Minister Counsellor Jin provided a detailed insight into the continued relationship in business with Britain and praised the outreach of the SHUFE study tour as they prepare for President Xi Jiping’s forthcoming state visit to UK. Select British businesses were also invited to enable the students to network and develop collaboration. Despite the high profile speakers, the delegates had the opportunity to chat to Lord Wei and Minister Counsellor Jin in a personal manner.

It was a great pleasure to welcome and host such passionate and inquisitive eMBA students. For another year, China Business Solutions has been at the heart of enriching Chinese business delegates in their understanding of international business and UK culture. We expect the relationship forged during the study tour will bear fruit in the coming months as the students are buoyant about doing business in the UK.
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