19 August 2014

Playing Games with the Dragon.

Eutechnyx is the company behind the first officially licensed racing game in China. Darren Jobling, CEO of Eutechnyx Limited, recalled how they get there by playing games with the dragon.

As the world’s leading independent driving and racing game developer with over 350 published games over its 27 year history, Eutechnyx’s eyes are on the dragon. By establishing and running a wholly owned Chinese studio, the company gained a unique insight into the region’s gaming market and quickly identified both the opportunities and challenges that it presented. As China cemented its position as the world’s largest online gaming market it became obvious that the scale of opportunity was huge and the challenges that needed to be overcome would require specialist help from someone who knows the dragon well.

“In the publishing of our online racing game Auto Club Revolution in China that invaluable specialist help came from China Business solutions and their CEO Ting Zhang.” Darren explained how it all started. “Ting quickly made an impact and facilitated an in-depth dialogue with a NASDAQ-listed Chinese game publisher that had already released highly successful and popular games from Russia and the USA. During the course of finding and contracting a Chinese publisher for Auto Club Revolution Ting travelled with us to China twice and ultimately helped guide the process to a signed, multi-million dollar deal.”

“China Business Solutions, led by Ting Zhang, have a remarkable network of distributors, publishers and investors from leading Chinese companies interested in the gaming sector.” But much more than that, “they possess the understanding of the cultural nuances and methods of doing business in China as a western, British company, which can make or break the game. Understanding these differences along with both reactive and proactive advice, and advance notice of what to expect from negotiations and meetings became an invaluable resource”, further commented Darren.

“We have been working with China Business Solutions for nearly two years and are completely satisfied with their services and the results that they have contributed to Eutechnyx achieving in that time”, Darren continued. “At present, our online racing game Auto Club Revolution is being launched at ChinaJoy in Shanghai and the product is ready to hit the market as the first officially licensed racing game in China.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending China Business Solutions to any firm that is looking to seriously engage with the games market in China”.