31 December 2013

Fruitful Round Trip To China.

To round off 2013, Ting Zhang travelled to Beijing and attended the China UK Business Summit, which was opened by PM David Cameron, alongside 130 representatives of businesses and other organisations, including 50 SMEs from the UK, one of the largest trade missions to China. Products and services represented ranged from sausages to satellites, financial services to the Premier League Football. High on Ting’s agenda was Gaming, a sector in China worth over $12bn and the largest globally. CBS has already successfully brokered a large gaming deal between UK and China in 2013 and on this trip, Ting succeeded in conducting high level meetings with some of China’s leading operators such as Kongzhong and Rekoo.

Travelling to the south, Ting visited ZTE in Shenzhen, the second largest Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer and held productive discussion on collaboration in education. Separately, in technology, Ting met with one of the founders of BYD, China’s famous battery and electric car producer and explored discussions on investing in the UK renewable energy technology sectors.

Suzhou, the major area for China’s industrial manufacturing in the East of China, 20 minutes away via high speed train from Shanghai, had much to offer Ting beyond its beautiful Chinese traditional gardens. Ting visited a Chinese stock listed telecoms manufacturer that is looking for M&A opportunity in the UK. The trip completed nicely in Shanghai, where Ting had further discussion with a leading luxury retail e-commerce company about partnerships.  Finally, on education, Ting initiated project-level discussions with two Chinese universities on UK-based business programmes.

To sum up the trip, Ting commented, “With the ever-growing appetite for good games  we are well positioned to build on our success in the gaming space, and we will continue to develop China-UK M&A in technology as well as building more partnerships in retail”. “In 2013 we laid very good foundations for our business in education, and with the continued interest in commercial activities with China, we expect some of these discussions to bear fruits in 2014.”