14 October 2013

More Can Be Done To Engage China.

With the current high level visit to China by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Mayor of London, Ting Zhang, founder of China Business Solutions, talked at the breakfast show at BBC radio Cambridge this morning.

Ting Zhang  pointed out that the Cambridgeshire County is “not doing enough to engage China”, especially the smes.  “There are various ways we can engage China, from exporting, to collaboration in R&D, as well as seeking investment from China”, Ting said.  Knowledge, cultural understanding, market intelligence and contacts in the Chinese market are essential to doing business successfully in China. Ting further commented, “that’s what we have been doing at China Business Solutions for over a decade –  as the dynamics of doing business with China has changed and continues to change with more Chinese companies wanting to invest, we provide update to date insight, knowledge and contacts to help British companies navigate a successful path ”.   “If we don’t do more”, ting warned that the Chinese investors will just “go somewhere else”.  Top European destination for chinese investment has been in Britain since 2005, but other eu countries like france and germany will soon take up more. Ting also cited the £500m Manchester airport deal as an example where Britain could stay ahead. Although SME’s need to do more now, Ting concluded.

BBC Radio Nationwide started a one-week coverage on China as the Chancellor George Osborne and Lord Mayor of London Boris Johnson are visiting China this week.