10 January 2013

2013 Bilngual Intern Programme is Open.

Despite the slow global economic recovery, there is great potential for further acceleration in UK and China commercial links. But language and culture differences can cause headaches for British firms doing business with/in China, and indeed research shows these have been among the biggest barriers in companies’ China endeavours.

We started the intern programme in 2008 to help companies reduce the risks and overcome the pitfalls associated with doing business in/with China.

Fifth year running, this programme is going from strength to strength. The profiles of employers that have signed up our programme varied, from SMEs to large multinational corporations, with industries ranging from banking to insurance, from software development to industrial design, from electronics to engineering and clean energy, from medical instruments to logistics & distribution. Past years’ internship portfolios reveal a remarkable breadth of experience and clearly demonstrate the benefits such internships can bring both to employers and students.

But don’t just take our word for it – previous employers of interns under this programme have given ringing endorsements as to the value and benefit from offering a work placement. For example, one employer was particularly enthusiastic, saying that during the placement, the intern has been “absolutely outstanding”, and “exceeded all our expectation “. Another firm commented that their intern has “proved to be an asset to the company“. Yet another company described their intern as “punctual, hardworking and inquisitive“ who has “shown considerable enthusiasm and interest“ in the company’s business development.

For more information on our bilingual intern programme, click here.