12 December 2012

New Training Initiative Aims to Build More Commercial Links for Cambridge and Oxford.

With Chinese companies striving to move up the value chains, there has never been a greater need to upgrade their business and management skills, and just as importantly, their innovation capability. To meet this demand, China Business Solutions has launched a new exciting initiative, dubbed “Cambridge and Oxford Advance Management Training Courses” in Chinese, which provides Chinese senior executives the opportunity to experience truly inspirational learning in the UK’s two prestigious centres of academic and technology excellence. With access to top academics at Cambridge and Oxford, the courses cover a range of “hot topics” such as entrepreneurial leadership, strategic innovation, innovation management, as well as financing spin-offs and commercialisation. In addition to lectures and seminars, the Chinese delegates will also visit and learn from the local technology businesses that have successfully expanded internationally.

“Over the last 10 years we have built a wide network of resources in the technology sectors, and the training service fits perfectly with our strategy of increasing two way facilitation between UK and China,“ says Founder and CEO Ting Zhang, “Cambridge and Oxford are enormous brands in the Chinese education market, and we are confident that we will bring more opportunities to the local business community through enabling face to face interactions with business leaders from China”.