20 January 2011

University Partnership Offers Bilingual Interns to Help Tap into China’s Growth.

With double digit growth in its economy throughout  the economic downturn, China continues to offer UK enterprises immense potential for doing business in the country, as well as representing a fertile market for collaboration and partnership. This is evidenced by the £2.6bn commercial deals agreements signed by Li Keqiang, the Chinese vice-premier during a state visit to Britain in early January. But there have been two big issues that can cause headaches for British firms in dealing with Chinese counterparts: language and culture.

By teaming up with a top university in the UK, China Business Solutions is now able to offer a rare opportunity to recruit, at virtually no cost, high skilled Chinese interns to help bridge the knowledge gap with China, making a real difference to company engagement strategies. These Chinese students are studying in the UK at Master’s level at one of Britain’s leading academic institutions.  They are fluent in Chinese and English, and can work for you at different levels. They can offer reassuring advice on the cultural pitfalls that can unseat the unwary, like the protocols of phone contacts or the best ways of chasing up late deliveries. On a different level, they will be able to contribute to developing your China market strategy or improving your operational efficiency dealing with China.

The programme is covered by the university, and so, apart from a modest contribution towards the intern’s reasonable costs for food and living expenses, neither a salary payment nor a placement fee is required from the employer’s side. The interns can work for your company for a period of three months or longer, as mutually agreed between you and the intern. China Business Solutions will make sure everything goes smoothly for you, from initial interview to final placement. . Ting Zhang, CEO of China Business Solutions, said, “We are delighted to be working once again with this important initiative, and we look forward to supporting both interns and clients to ensure the right fit is achieved for everyone.”

Third year running, this programme has achieved ever greater success. The profiles of employers that have signed up our programme varied, from SMEs to large multinational corporations, with industries ranging from software development to tourism, from electronics to engineering and clean energy, from medical instruments to logistics & distribution.

Previous employers of interns under this programme in past years have given ringing endorsements as to the value and benefit from offering a work placement. For example the Country Director of Paragon Law, was particularly enthusiastic, saying that during the placement, the intern was ” heavily involved in the setting up of several projects”, and that they were so impressed by the intern’s performance that they offered him permanent employment. Many of the interns went on to be offered full-time employment which is testament to the value such interns can hold.

The interns will be available to start from the middle of June 2011. However the number of interns is limited and we are looking to sign up by mid of April, Therefore, if you are interested please act now by contacting us on 01223 421968, or emailing intern@chinabusinesssolutions.com.