25 November 2010

Medical Device Technology Transfer Deals.

China Business Solutions is currently engaging some leading Chinese medical device companies with potential technology transfer deals. The company has recently entered into an exclusive relationship with a UK medical device technology research firm to help license its cutting edge innovative patented technologies to China.

According to our recent research, about 80% of China’s medical devices are imported. While a number of Chinese medical device companies are rapidly growing and some are now listed abroad, there is still a considerable gap in technology level between the Chinese and Western device manufacturers. Following a number of field visits in the past few months, China Business Solutions recognised the opportunity to fill that gap through facilitated technology transfer. The timing is ripe for commercial technology transfer into Chinese medical device industry, with the effect of the healthcare reform being felt at grass root level and many hospitals are increasing their expenditure on medical devices, Ting Zhang, CEO of China Business Solutions commented, We believe that the Chinese market is ready to absorb some really innovative technology and applications from the UK, at a business model that is familiar to the West.