8 June 2009

China Business Solutions Completes In-depth Study of China’s ICT Sector.

China Business Solutions has recently completed a detailed research project into China’s key high-tech subsectors that answers important questions about industry capabilities and partnership options, helping to unlock this critical marketplace for the UK, at exactly the moment when western markets are feeling the painful pinch of a recessionary credit-crunch.

China?s ICT sector is one of the most dynamic and exciting in the world, with domestic demand expanding in many areas.  In times like this, British firms need actionable intelligence about China’s fast-evolving technology industry, coupled to effective guidance on the potential for engagement strategies for market entry.  With enviable growth rates and a rapidly transforming business sector, achieving success in China’s market has long been seen in the UK as the goal of ambitious, export-led, high tech companies.

But the challenge has always been to get sufficient detail about credible enterprises in specialist subsectors, together with contactable individuals in those local Chinese firms, so as to be able to build an accurate picture about both company competences and collaboration opportunities. And achieving that needs on the ground resources in China, expert research skills with in-depth knowledge of Chinese ICT corporations, combined with a sound appreciation of the UK’s leading-edge product skills and partner synergies.  This is where a specialist firm can add considerable value, and meeting these demanding requirements is exactly what China Business Solutions has been able to deliver in its recent study.

Focusing on fast growing ICT subsectors, such as e-learning, e-finance, RFID logistics and mobile telecoms, China Business Solutions has applied tried and trusted research methodologies to uncover primary sourced contact points in Chinese firms whose explicit objectives are to secure genuine complementarities with overseas enterprises, and who see Britain in particular as offering compelling capabilities in advanced technologies.  But important trends also became visible during the research that offer a timely warning to the UK: the Chinese have been upgrading their own skillsets in recent years and understand their local market needs very well indeed, and many firms having precise requirements and definitive expectations from prospective partners, even where they have recognised their own weaknesses.

For example, the telecom sector continues to evolve into 3G domains, and is enthusiastically embracing both technologies and business models that can best exploit local demand, whilst e-learning initiatives are maturing to the point where specialist teaching content is now required to add value in the next stage of development. British firms will need to understand these nuances within subsectors in order to make the best of the opportunities that clearly exist right now, and should arm themselves with both the knowledge and resources to ensure the right messages are projected to enthusiastic but discerning Chinese prospects. But the next step is clear: the time is ripe for such a move, and the right strategy will surely succeed.
China Business Solutions Limited can help with all aspects of crafting a truly effective China entry strategy for ICT firms and can be contacted on 01223 421968.