15 March 2009

Ting Zhang Champions Thought Leadership Event at Cambridge Wireless.

Leading thinkers in wireless technology from China and across the UK joined forces at a recent China Special Interest Group meeting of Cambridge Wireless to explore the next stage of 3G innovation and to discuss the growing opportunities for Sino-British synergy in the rapidly expanding Chinese domestic market.  Chaired by Ting Zhang of China Business Solutions, the group was privileged to be addressed by keynote speaker Yang Zemin, President of the China Academy of Telecom Research from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing, who led a field of panel experts drawn from across the telecommunications industry.

Mr Yang’s presentation outlined the role of CATR as the Chinese government?s think tank in the ICT sector, and explained that the key priorities for national policy were to promote independent innovation and to enhance the level of China’s industrial technology through increased infrastructure investment and further support for small and medium sized high tech enterprises.  He went on to describe how CATR working groups continue to play important roles in the evolution of China’s 3G, mobile data service and optical communications sectors.

The audience were also able to enjoy insightful presentations from Dr Xu Ke of CATR, Kevin Maher of Huawei Technologies and Richard Fry from Cambridge based Camitri, before participating in a lively discussion about technology trends and partnering opportunities, with all contributors agreeing that China’s demand and capability presented an exciting future for the expansion of the global wireless market.