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18 July 2008

After the Earthquake: China Needs to Improve Building Quality.

As we anticipate the start of the Beijing Olympic Games, we are still very aware of the ongoing situation in Sichuan province.  The Sichuan earthquakes (12th May, 2008) destroyed aged and poorly constructed buildings and cost perhaps 70,000 lives (China …

10 July 2008

Credit Crunch is not Stopping China’s Growth.

In Monday’s interview with BBC Look East, Ting Zhang plays down the impact of the global credit crunch on the Chinese’s economy. Although China is facing persistent inflation, a plunging stock market amid slowing down in export, the nation’s economy …

1 July 2008

IT Outsourcing – China, the Waking Giant.

Until now, India has been the undisputed world leader in IT Outsourcing (ITO).  Now the Indians are looking over their shoulders as China bids to overhaul their lead! According to a Gartner Group research report, the global ITO market value …