29 January 2006

China Business Solutions Help Al Karim to Tuk in.

With a background that includes working for respected names such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, Al Karim is no stranger to the world of finance and business. When he wanted some advice on the world of Chinese companies, however, Al Karim called on another respected name, China Business Solutions, to help him out.

Al Karim is a young man with a desire to make things better. Specifically he wants to help save the environment.

To that end he has taken the humble Tuk-Tuk, regularly seen on the streets of Bangkok (and more recently Brighton) and upgraded it to the point where it becomes the runabout of choice for both the urban family and the delivery driver.

Al Karim’s idea is to scrap the usual engine and add a lithium battery with a range of sixty + miles and charge time of only four. Surround the whole thing in light, cheap fibreglass and you have a safe, environmentally friendly, means of transport.

Designing such a concept is all very well but finding somewhere to produce it is another matter altogether. Al Karim opted for China but was wary of going it alone. “I’d heard horror stories of money being invested into companies which promptly disappeared so I wanted some independent advice as to where I should go and what I should do.”

Al Karim discovered China Business Solutions (CBS) via a newspaper article and made an initial contact. “I wanted some back up; someone who knew the country well. We discussed their structure, their methods of investigation, due diligence etc and I came away highly impressed.

“CBS showed me five companies after an extensive search which involved over 15 manufacturers in China. The report on each one was comprehensive, with a full history and in depth information. CBS then helped me to arrange a ten day trip to China and make contact with all five and although the final decision was mine they advised me every step of the way.”

Fast forward to 2006 and Al Karim is getting ready to receive his first Tuk-Tuks into the UK. “We’ve got some safety tests to pass in January next year then I’ll roll out twelve in London to begin with. Initially I want to rent them to tourists before selling them as a carbon neutral way of doing the school run. I plan to introduce them to other UK and European cities and maybe even China itself.

“I still rely heavily on CBS. They’re extremely helpful when it comes to climbing over the culture and language barriers and are easy to approach. They’re almost like a second business partner.”