Internship programme.

China continues to open up the challenges of language and cultural differences, and this can be problematic and cause headaches for British firms doing business in China and with Chinese companies. Indeed research shows that language and culture are among the biggest barriers for companies to build their links with China, and this is especially true for SMEs.

We have been providing valuable help for over 6 years to all the Businesses interested in braking into Chinese market by placing Chinese interns studying in top tier UK University on behalf of a leading UK Univerity. The programme has been successful and well received by the employers, who immediatly saw the benefits of having a Chinese intern on-board.

As the demand for quality Chinese students from British businesses is now on the increase, mainly due to the connections and business opportunities they can generate for the company, we are expanding our offer launching the new UK-China Internship Programme this summer, open to all Chinese students in UK Universities.  This programme will offer Chinese students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in British businesses and to make good use of their science, engineering, IT and business skills and learning backgrounds.

Having built a database of British businesses for over a decade and having new partners getting on board every day, our aim is to match the requirements of the British company with the interests and skills of the Chinese intern.

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Here are some of the comments, from employers who have already taken an intern with us under our privious programme, on the value and benefit of having a Chinese interns:

“The intern we took on was absolutely outstanding  and exceeded all our expectation “.
“The intern proved to be an asset to the company”
“Punctual, hardworking and inquisitive, showing considerable diligence and interest in the company’s business development into China”.
‘An excellent addition to our team’.



“Bella made a fantastic contribution throughout her internship. She was a pleasure to work with. She will be a fantastic asset to any company.”

Marketing Communications Manager, Bell 2012/2013

“Shuran proved to be an asset to the company during her placement with us. Her work ethics were excellent and she produced work to a very high standard.  ”

Group HR Manager, Earlex 2011/2012

“Elizabeth has been absolutely outstanding during her internship with us. She has always behaved professionally and has exceeded all our expectation.”

CFC Family Services Clinic Director, Care for Children   2010/2011

“I am very impressed with Zhao’s work and his ability to get to grips with the issues we presented him with.  Zhao has uncovered some very well targeted market intelligence reports.”

Sales and Marketing Director, Prism Sounds Ltd 2008/2009