17 July 2012

Chinese Policy Makers Impressed With Entrepreneurial Spirit in Cambridge.

As a successful Chinese ethnic entrepreneur in Cambridge, Ting Zhang was invited to present China Business Solutions to a group of senior government officials from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), an influential and powerful department of China’s Central Government.

The NDRC officials were part of delegation of senior Chinese civil servants and representatives from the Chinese aviation industry on a tour of Europe that ended with a visit to Cambridge. In this historic yet dynamic city of learning and technology excellence, the delegations met with leading academics, industry leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Two other well known Cambridge companies, ARM and Abcam, also shared their success stories and vision with the NDRC delegation.

The delegates were especially impressed with China Business Solutions’ unique positioning in facilitating the business relationship between Cambridge-based high tech firms and their counterparties in China. One delegate made the remark that guidance and assistance from experts like Ting Zhang is essential for a Cambridge company to achieve success in the challenging Chinese market.