1 October 2011

China’s Digital Media Market Explored by Experts.

China Business Solutions and its China-based partner Schmittzehe & Partners have won a tender to deliver a market research on China?s digital media market to FCO and British General Consulate in Guangzhou. The research aims to address the following areas:

–  How is China’s sustained policy of “informatization” transforming the country’s business and media landscape.

–  Market size and growth, characteristics, and trends.

–  Which tier one and priority regional cities in Southern China to focus on.

–  Opportunities and challenges for UK companies associated with the growth of digital media in South China.

–  Last but not least, how to form successful partnerships with local firms to explore business opportunities, and what are the challenges for UK companies.

The research will provide the much needed information and guidance for the local FCO and UKTI trade and investment team to focus their efforts on helping UK companies to succeed in this fast growing market.