18 January 2010

University Partnership Offers Bilingual Interns to Help Firms Tap into China’s Growth.

By teaming up with one of the UK’s top universities, China Business Solutions is now able to offer a rare opportunity to recruit, at virtually no cost, high skilled Chinese interns to help bridge the knowledge gap with China, making a real difference to company engagement strategies as the Chinese economy leads the world out of recession. Issues with understanding the Chinese language, and with appreciating Chinese cultural complexities, can handicap companies from achieving their full potential in the Middle Kingdom, and this internship programme is designed to address exactly these problems, offering real opportunity for collaboration and partnership to take businesses to the next level of expansion in China.

These Chinese students are studying in the UK at Master’s level at one of Britain’s leading internationally-minded academic institutions, with a strong reputation in both European and Chinese academic circles. As would be expected, they are fluent in Chinese and English, as well as will having an appreciation of the cultural nuances that can hold back many UK companies from making the best of what the Chinese market has to offer. Some will also have had previous work experience in mainland China, bringing to bear already developed personal networks and commercial connections, whilst those with technical backgrounds could be especially useful explaining complicated technical details to Chinese partners.

The programme itself is covered by the university, and so, apart from a modest contribution towards the intern’s reasonable costs for food and living expenses, neither a salary payment nor a placement fee is required from the employer’s side. Ting Zhang, CEO of China Business Solutions, said, “We are delighted to be working once again with this important initiative, and we look forward to supporting both interns and clients to ensure the right fit is achieved for everyone”, whilst adding that, “a Chinese intern can offer reassuring practical advice on cultural pitfalls that can unseat the unwary, such as the protocols of phone contacts, or the best ways of chasing up late deliveries”. Interns can work for three months, or even longer if mutually agreed, and will be available to start from the beginning of June 2010.

Previous employers under this programme have given ringing endorsements as to the value and benefit from offering a work placement. For example, Graham Boswell, of Prism Media in Ely, Cambridgeshire, was particularly enthusiastic, saying that during the placement, the intern had “uncovered some very well targeted market intelligence reports”, and that he was “very impressed” with the standard of work, and is keen to participate again in this year’s programme. Another firm described their intern as ?brilliant in dealing with new clients both in person and via telephone?. If firms want to profit from the skills that these interns can offer, the advice is to act now as the number of participants is limited: call China Business Solutions on 01223 421968 or email intern (at) chinabusinesssolutions.com for further details.