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21 October 2008

Chinese Earthquake Zone Calling for Investment in Ceramics Production.

The 5.12 Sichuan earthquake caused enormous destruction to the region and now the reconstruction is being planned. Many business opportunities are being generated from this process. Specifically, China Business Solutions has learnt from the government in the Guangyuan earthquake zone …

10 October 2008

The Changing Face of China Sourcing.

Probably nobody in the West nowadays lives a day without using something that is made in China, from clothing and electronics to kitchenware and bathroom essentials. Western companies in the meantime are increasing their sourcing to China in order to …

8 October 2008

Beyond Beijiang: China Software Outsourcing in the Yangtze Region of Jiangsu Province.

China is rapidly becoming one of the major new outsourcing destinations for software development by international technology enterprises.  But there is more to China‘s offshore attraction than just Beijing, Dalian and Shanghai, reflecting a growing interest in other areas. The …