15 May 2008

China Business Solutions Strengthens Support Services to Help International Enterprises Establish Business in the China Marketplace.

China Business Solutions has announced a revitalised Support Service to help UK and European companies meet Chinese market entrance regulations.

Ting Zhang, CEO of China Business Solutions says, “Our strengthened China Help Desk and China Set Up are dedicated services that do just what it says on the tin.

“Reorganising our Support Service processes reemphasises our commitment to improving client service.

“As well as our bespoke consultancy, these services help Western companies enjoy efficient local communications and low operations costs when they develop business in the Chinese market.”

China Business Solutions has a first rate track record for project delivery and has excellent reputation in providing business set up services in China. China Business Solutions’ customised methodology isn’t just suitable for SMEs; larger corporate clients have also enjoyed successful business establishment in China by employing China Business Solutions’ bespoke services.

China Business Solutions have bi-cultural teams based in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All are highly experienced and have extensive local networks. Thus, international companies can draw on the benefit of reliable, professional and customised services.

From her 18-plusyears experience of international trade and business across Greater China, the UK and the US, Ting Zhang notes that, of late, the Chinese government has made significant moves toward deregulation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China.

“Particularly in terms of the policy of Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE), the Chinese government adjusts the regulations periodically to follow international economic development, and meet global as well as domestic market requirements. The Chinese government fully understands that simplifying the processes of WOFE registration, and of import and export certificates, will encourage more international SMEs to bring FDI into China. China welcomes that greater diversity, in part because the spin-off benefit of innovative knowledge from international companies can also help improve China’s own innovations. The goal, of course, is to maintain a leading position in the world economy.”

However, the barriers of cultural misunderstanding and language difference cannot be legislated for, and can lead to significant costs for the unwary when establishing business in China. The support of an experienced and reliable partner like China Business Solutions to assist you through the processes and reduce your market entry costs is invaluable.

Support Services Manager, Ms Xin Xia says, “Both the consumer products and industrial products sector are growing rapidly in China. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health food sales are growing exponentially every year. In order to better regulate the market and encourage fair competition, the Chinese government has standardised business application, registration and certification processes.”

Xin Xia stresses, “However, the standardised processes involve a great deal of paper-work and local communications with authorities. That definitely requires reputable China experts who understand Chinese central and local governments’ “languages” and operations systems to ensure all documents meet essential requirements.

“To help remove all obstacles, our China Help Desk and China Set Up services provide timely support and rapid response.2

Ting Zhang concludes:

“Along with improving our clients’ business visibility and viability, part of our service is to reduce client costs in dealing with the authorities. We can hold their hand while helping build their presence in China.

“We have gained our strong reputation because we can provide timely services. Our clients are highly satisfied with our fast response and efficient solutions. Re-energising our support services is part of our ongoing commitment to them.

“That’s also China Business Solutions’ irreplaceable value ” our unrivalled service.”

If you would like to discuss opportunities to establish your business in China, please contact us on 01223 421968, or email info@chinabusinesssolutions.com quoting “Support Service”. Our marketing and client service team will be very happy to help you.